Avoiding Sore Penis Misery - The Pros and Cons of Personal Lubrication Products

Summer seems to bring more opportunity for short, sweet love affairs or quick and randy one-night sizzlers. No matter how knocked out you are by your new bedmate it is absolutely essential to take proper precautions against pregnancy and STDs. Always, always use a condom for intercourse and a condom and dental dam for oral sex. This does not have to be the drag it may sound. You can actually have some delicious fun with tasty combinations of flavoured condoms, dental dams and lubricants.

With education, awareness and discipline, an individual can avoid acquiring a sexually transmitted disease thereby not putting themselves and their partner’s health at risk.

Additionally, condoms should fit the penis properly. Too loose, and they risk slipping off and spilling ejaculate; too tight, and they may tear or rip. Condoms should be put on before any penetration or genital touching occurs, as disease transmission and pregnancy can occur from pre-ejaculate -that tiny bit of semen that appears on the penis during arousal. The only foolproof method of birth control or STD protection is complete abstinence.

Some women may prefer a light touch on the clitoris while others may enjoy vigorous stimulation. To play safe, you should start with a light touch, and then you adjust your touch depending on her reaction. Almost all women need some warming-up period or foreplay before they can enjoy clitoral stimulation.

Unlike STD's caused by bacteria there is no way to cure an infection caused by one of these viruses. Once you have it you have it forever. The virus remains in you for your lifetime. The infection is usually characterized by periods of exacerbation when the virus is active and causing symptoms, and periods of remission when the virus is dormant. During this time skin outbreaks or obvious signs of the disease are not noticeable. However, even during remissions your still have the virus in your system.

3) Change it up: Another round of the same-old-same-old sex can get boring for both partners, making an early night of sleep seem more appealing than an all night romp. Get adventurous and try a new sexual position, add a sex toy into the mix, or take turns acting out each other’s fantasies. Men and women who fear they are not sexually creative can mimic steamy love scenes in a sexy movie for a little extra fun.

The simple truth of the matter is this: when it comes to HIV, no one is immune, no one is safe, at least, those of us who do not have any contact with the world at large!